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However, sometimes, we need to develop games that require more power than what is being provided by Silverlight. In those cases, we can create an XBAP (XAML Browser Application) WPF application by making some small changes to the source code. XBAP WPF applications are not based on Silverlight. NET WPF applications capable of running in a sandbox (to avoid security problems) inside a web browser. NET framework to be installed on the computer that wants to run them. NET WPF applications that run on the desktop.

The ghost appeared in the web browser and moved through the bisque rectangle as if it were a mouse pointer. The application looked very similar to its Silverlight version. However, in this case, you have access to most of the WPF features and controls. You created and ran an XBAP WPF application in the web browser. XBAP WPF applications require more time to start than Silverlight applications. Therefore, we should not confuse Silverlight with XBAP WPF. They are two different technologies. However, we can transform a Silverlight application to an XBAP WPF application by making small changes to the source code, as shown in this example.

The IDE is going to present a dialog box showing many options for a new Silverlight application. Activate the Host the Silverlight application in a new Web site checkbox, as shown in the following screenshot: 3. Click on OK and the IDE will create an empty Silverlight application, including a Web project. The Web project will allow us to change some properties to configure the Silverlight runtime. 4. Right-click on SilverlightMonster (the main project) in the Solution Explorer and select Add | Existing item… from the context menu that appears.

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