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By Brennen H. J.

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We‛ll tell them some bad men are coming to their property to cause trouble. 63 Well, the next night, a crowd of men showed up to help the Phelpses. There were at least fifteen farmers, and all of them had a gun. They sat in Aunt Sally‛s living room all night. Remember boys; shoot to kill! I had to get outside and warn Tom. He was in the shed with Jim. We had to free Jim now, and forget about the plan. We have to do it now. The house is full of men with guns! Wait. I hear them coming now. Go! Go!

All this comedy was beginning to make me feel pretty weak and sweaty. 55 We were so worried something had happened to you. It ‛s Tom Sawyer! I was so glad to find out who I was. It was like being born again. I nearly fell through the f loor. But there wasn‛t any time to explain who I really was and, to be honest, it was easier to go with the situation than against it. I told them all about my family. By that I mean the Sawyer family. They were happy to hear me talk. I also told them about the boat‛s blown cylinder head, which I said had happened at the mouth of White River.

Excuse me, my name is Harvey Wilks. Can any of you gentlemen tell me where the house belonging to Mr. Peter Wilks is? I‛m sorry, sir, but the best I can do is to tell you where he lived yesterday evening. You see, sir, Peter Wilks is dead. The king started crying. He was really good at that. Then he started making lots of idiotic signs with his hands to the duke. I realized then that the duke was going to pretend to be Peter Wilks‛s deaf and dumb brother, William. Uhhh! I felt sorry for the people in that village.

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