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Interestingly a variety of theories about the immateriality and materiality of the soul were at stake from the dawn of this discussion. In this paper, I will examine and compare the views of Hishām ibn Ḥakam Ḥ and Hishām ibn Sālim (of Shiite mutakalimīn) on the one hand, and Abulhodhail 'Allaf and Naẓām m (of Mu’tazilites) on the other, and will finally compare these with the views of the late Shiites Shiite and Mu’tazilites such as Sadūq, Mufīd, Murtaḍā, and Qāḍ ḍī 'Abd alJabbār. Keywords: nafs (soul), mutakalimīn, Mu’tazilites, s, Shiites, materiality, immateriality.

Daniel Berchie Valley View University (Ghana) This study seeks to determine the meaning of Luke 16:19-31. The question is whether this passage teaches intermediate state of the disembodied soul after death or not. Having studied the setting in which Jesus told this parable and Lucan context, this 50 paper concludes that the presentation of the unseen world represents the eschatological judgment. The International Conference of Religious Doctrines and the Mind-Body Problem Keywords: immaterial soul, death, intermediate state.

Keywords: immateriality, rūḥ (spirit), Ash'arites, Ash'arites Quran, Ḥadīth. Abstracts in some of his opinions- and Baiḍāwī are the most famous Ghazā Ghazālī and the Nature of the Soul and its Relation to the Body: the Conflict between the Quran and Philosophy Mehdi Akhavan Allameh Tabatabei University (Tehran, (Tehran, Iran) Iran) Ghazālī’s ’s philosophical psychology has positive and negative aspects. One of the most important problems roblems in which Quranic 36 doctrines are denied by the philosophical intellect is in the field of philosophical psychology.

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