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By Peter Walsh

ISBN-10: 1556229682

ISBN-13: 9781556229688

Textual content is an replace to the earlier textual content, complex 3D video game Programming utilizing DirectX 8.0; targeting implementation alterations to DirectX 9.0. For programmers who're new to portraits and video game programming. Softcover. DLC: desktop video games - Programming.

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It uses a lot of paradigms you may have never seen before. It forces your code to behave nicely with other applications that can be simultaneously using system resources. Diving into the code that makes Direct3D work will be confusing enough, so to start out I’m just going to talk about the concepts behind the code, which will hopefully make the rocky road ahead a little less painful. Don’t let anyone else tell you otherwise: Direct3D is hard. If you don’t get this stuff immediately, it doesn’t mean you’re slow and it doesn’t mean you’re not ready for Windows programming; it means you’re normal.

N Direct3D Retained Mode was ripped out and was not replaced. n Direct3D Immediate Mode remains, but is now much more simplified, faster, and just all around more elegant. n Vertex and pixel shaders were introduced, which allow you to implement advanced visual effects and move away from a fixed function pipeline. 0 a high-level shader language was introduced, which makes shader programming much more intuitive. The result of all these changes is that the graphics section of DirectX is now called DirectX Graphics, although I will be referring to it as Direct3D, since that is where all the functionality is now implemented.

When Pump receives the WM_QUIT message, which again is a notification from Windows that the application should exit, it returns resFalse. Special care needs to be taken to handle thrown exceptions that happen during the window procedure. You see, between the execution of DispatchMessage and WndProc, the call stack meanders into some kernel Chapter 1: Windows n 25 DLL functions. If a thrown exception flies into them, bad stuff happens (anything from your program crashing to your machine crashing).

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