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By O. Lowenstein

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Most of the earlier work on obstacle avoid­ ance by flying bats was carried out by Griffin and his collaborators and has been reviewed by Griffin (1958). The obstacles commonly used for quantitative experiments were fine vertical wires. One of the most impor­ tant findings of earlier work was that the smallest detectable wires were much thinner than the shortest wavelength (3-10 mm) of the emitted sounds. This clearly indicated a high degree of sensitivity that could work on scattered reflections and did not require large specular surfaces.

1965) who inves­ tigated the CM response from the round window of rats. They showed peaks at 20-30 kHz in many subjects and at 40 kHz in all, although the amplitude of this response was variable. Crowley and Hepp-Reymond (1966) showed that this 40 kHz peak was absent in the CM response of very young rats, but appeared and increased progressively in size after the twelfth to thirteenth day of life. J 10 i 20 i 30 i 35 1 40 L 50 FREQUENCY IN KILOCYCLES FIG. 10. Individual hearing threshold curves for three rats, Rattus norvegicus, ob­ tained by behavioral, operant conditioning techniques.

11). There is, therefore, remarkable agreement between results obtained for cochlear microphonic, inferior collicular, and behavioral responses in demonstrating the presence of a peak at 40 kHz. It would be false to give the impression that all workers have found this peak, however. Schleidt (1952), using behavioral responses, and Ishii et al. (1964), re­ cording the CM response, made no mention of such a peak, despite the use of tones up to 100 kHz, and Peacock and Williams (1962) were un­ able to train rats to respond to 40 kHz.

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