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This edited paintings includes 8 large, review-type contributions via top scientists within the box of man-made metals. The authors have been invited by means of the organisers of the overseas convention on technology and know-how of artificial Metals '98 (ICSM'98) to check the growth of analysis long ago 20 years in a unifying and pedagogical demeanour. the current paintings highlights the state of the art of the sphere and assesses the clients for destiny examine.

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Polypyrrole The main interest in polypyrrole (PPy) 21 stems from the excellent long-term stability of its conductive state as compared, for example, with that of polythiophene, and from the possibility of tailoring its properties by synthesis [155]. Possible technical applications of polypyrrole are antistatics, electromagnetic shielding, sensors and actuators, capacitators, polymer batteries, conductive textiles and fabrics, catalysts, and membranes; and some of these applications have even been commercialized [156].

The topochemical polymerization of diacetylene derivatives has also been investigated in restricted geometries, namely in Langmuir-Blodgett layers [72] and in chemisorbed monolayers [73]. Thus, 5-alkoxyisophthalic acids have been shown by scanning tunneling microscopy (STM) to form highly ordered monolayers by physisorption from solution onto graphite substrates. The self-assembly of isophthalic acid derivates containing a diacetylene moiety gave regular, lamellar-type "2D-crystals" with interdigitating alkyl chains in which neighboring diacetylenes fulfill the above requirements for polydiacetylene formation.

Advances in Synthetic Metals 48 R R R Zn -, TH F Br~Br -78oc Br~ 104 Z nBr 105 a R + BrZ~Br 105 b R N i(dppe) Cl2 100% HT - HT yield: ca. 75 % Scheme 25 Riecke method for the preparation of regioregular PAT. primarily in the synthesis of the asymmetric organometallic intermediate 105, whereby highly reactive Riecke zinc was used to generate a mixture of isomers, which were regioselectively polymerized by the use of a sterically demanding nickel catalyst. The success of generating an almost 100% regioregular HT-HT coupled PAT depends thereby on the catalyst selectivity; using a catalyst system with sterically less demanding ligands like tetrakistrisphenylenepalladium(0) leads to regioirregular PATs.

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