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Alderac Entertainment's Adventure Compilation 2 (D20 System Accessories) PDF

By Alderac Entertainment

ISBN-10: 1594720274

ISBN-13: 9781594720277

Event Compilation #I and #2 are collections of the simplest of the easiest - the journey maintain modules. inside those pages, AEG has compiled, up-to-date and elevated the unique adventures using the revised 3.5 d20 ideas with new maps, new textual content, and new plot hooks, together with rewritten and accelerated sections offer extra balanced encounters and deeper demanding situations. Even empty rooms were crammed to make a DM's existence more uncomplicated! all of the whereas, those books offer a campaign's worthy of excessive event to gamers of all event degrees. Written for the revised 3.5 d20 principles. Many new and more desirable maps. 288 pages. event #I hyperlinks 24 of the simplest unique AEG Adventures retains jointly into one immense plot thread, permitting computers to boost from the first to the thirteenth point. This publication is a must-have for DMs wanting to convey the nuance of low-leveling gaming again the place it belongs. Many new and more suitable maps.

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When Jin’Zil, a powerful ogre mage, discovered it, he recognized its potential -highly defensible and at the midpoint between the surface world and the Lower Earth. Jin’Zil seized control of the ogres and used them to send slaving forays into the territory of the Svirfneblin. The ogres captured many of the deep gnomes and forced them to enlarge the existing cavern. The others grew enraged by the raids and launched a failed attack on the ogre settlement. For over a decade, the deep gnomes fought a bloody war against the ogres, but neither side gained the upper hand.

Different bet masters hold different scales for those with more or less coin. The odds vary greatly between the wellmatched bouts and those where one side is heavily favored. 5. Ogre Dens These caverns house the majority of the city’s ogre population, nearly one hundred individuals of every age and gender. These dens are filthy, smelly, and totally inhospitable to any but another ogre. Why the PCs would want to wander through such a wretched hive is unknown, but if you want to spice it up roll on the following chart.

The PCs must travel to DrahkSuhl and help the prisoner escape or buy his contract. Perhaps an ogre magi recognizes the magical abilities of one of the PCs, and demands a powerful magic item before the new worker’s release. BANDIT ATTACK Bandits of an unknown race set ambushes on the way to the city. One of Drahk‘Suhl’s wealthiest merchants recently lost a significant shipment of food and trade goods on its way in, and offers a substantial reward for anyone who can return his trade goods. The bandits are troglodytes taking advantage of the vulnerability of goods traveling to the city.

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Adventure Compilation 2 (D20 System Accessories) by Alderac Entertainment

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