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1941- May days. I. Title. P666 1988 081 87-34292 ISBN 0-87745-204-0 ISBN 0-87745-522-8 paper 01 00 99 98 97 96 95 P 5 4 3 2 1 Page v For LAURIE and DUDLEY who made Nova Scotia possible Page vii Contents Outside In 1 May Days 16 Old Papers 22 Picked Up 36 Schooldays 50 At Cambridge 66 Office Hours 86 Family Scrapbook 107 Eating under the Stars 140 Patterns 147 Might as Well 158 Summering 171 Having My Way 183 Page 1 Outside In ON THE ROAD to Chestnut Mound just beyond the Buffalo Valley train station stood the Sewall place.

Although they tempered my enthusiasm for things natural, the insects did not drive me inside. Every morning I searched for flowers, and by noon the kitchen table was covered with specimens and books. Soon I identified a long list of flowers. Unfortunately, I never went beyond identity to the lessons Gray mentioned. I was a university professor. Like the people who drafted the proposal for Adult and Human Resources Education, I inhabited a world in which words were not simply currency but deeds of the realm.

Humbug did a good business in them too, as advertisements urged readers to buy "Mrs. Gardner's Indian Balsam of Liverwort" and "Dr. '' Most of the patent medicines advertised were versatile and cured a variety of ailments. " Although the bite of the humbug may swell, it doesn't hurt like that of the black fly. Instead of itching, all it leaves behind is a silly feeling. I was bitten when I found what appeared to be a very old letter glued to the side of the trunk. When English professors are not dreaming of leaving the university world, they imagine discovering a long-lost manuscript, one which will catapult them into instant renown.

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Aeiou by Jeffrey Brown

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