Agricultural Applications of Petroleum Products (Advances in by Robert B. Killingsworth (Editor), G. W. Pearce (Editor) PDF

By Robert B. Killingsworth (Editor), G. W. Pearce (Editor)

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ISBN-13: 9780841200081

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Satisfactory controls were obtained for only a few hours. Brescia (7) conducted field tests i n Florida and Alabama with thermal aerosols in which D D T was used i n an oil emulsion. The generator had a capacity of 16 to 18 gallons per hour, and the areas were treated b y the aerosol cloud drifting on winds of various velocities across them from a road traversed by the equipment at varying speeds. The author concluded that a dosage of 15 gallons per 1000 feet of front—50 parts each of oil and water plus D D T equal to 1 0 % of the weight of the o i l — w i l l give effective control of adult mosquitoes up to a mile away i n open country and 1000 yards into a forest.

Ch003 RIEHL AND La DUE—EVALUATION O F PETROLEUM FRACTIONS AGAINST CITRUS PESTS 33 substantiates the conclusion that the deviation from a smooth curve at this point is greater than might occur from chance alone. The properties and characteristics available for paraffinic fraction 5 appear to be i n line with those of the other fractions of the paraffinic series and do not indicate an ex­ planation for a difference i n performance against adult California red scale. A similar deviation d i d not occur i n the case of the correlations established for eggs of the citrus red mite.

Or lower Not less than 5% at 0 ° C . Not below 350° F . 440-480° F . Not above 600° F . These specifications were suggested because older specifications had been prepared before some of the new, higher aromatic oils were available. These new oils appear to be much more toxic to mosquito larvae than the older type oils. Nelson, Pierce, and D o n l a n have therefore included values that are ordinarily indicated i n a n aromatic type of o i l , mainly kauri butanol and the aniline point. The distillation range as given is a little too wide to be satisfactory, but i t is difficult to say definitely just how broad a range should be allowed.

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Agricultural Applications of Petroleum Products (Advances in Chemistry Series 007) by Robert B. Killingsworth (Editor), G. W. Pearce (Editor)

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