Albert Einstein: His Influence on Physics, Philosophy and - download pdf or read online

By Peter G. Bergmann (auth.), Peter C. Aichelburg, Roman U. Sexl (eds.)

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There are several modern theories of gravitation, and these predict different detailed structure of the waves. Gravitational radiation therefore provides an imp ortant tool for testing different theories of gravitation. The absorption of gravitational radiation by matter is very much smaller than the absorption of other forms of radiation. Therefore, observations of gravitational radiation may provide astronomical observations of phenomena which either do not emit significant amounts of light and radio or X-radiation, or cannot be observed because emitted light is obscured by opaque matter.

P. Hubble, "A relation between distance and radial velocity among extragalactic nebulae", Proc. Nat. Acad. Sci. S. 15, p. 169, (1929). [6] E. P. Hubble, 'The Realm of the Nebulae", New Haven, Yale Univ. Press, 1936. (7] H. P. Robertson, "Kinematics and world structure", Astrophys. J. 82, p. 248, (1935). [8] A. G. Walker, "On Riemannian spaces with spherical symmetry about a line and isotropy in general relativity", J. Math. Oxford Ser. 6, 81 (1935). [9] A. Einstein, W. de Sitter, "On the relation between the expansion of the universe", Proc.

In order to isolate the antenna from ground vibrations, the cylinder is suspended at a node and the suspension rests on an array of acoustic filters. Electrical shields are employed to attenuate local electromagnetic disturbances. However, even if all external disturbances are sufficiently reduced, there remains an internal noise background due to the heat induced motion. For a one ton mass at room temperature, this corresponds to a relative end face displacement amplitude of about 10- 14 centimeters.

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