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Probably the most inventive mathematicians of our occasions, Vladimir Drinfeld got the Fields Medal in 1990 for his groundbreaking contributions to the Langlands software and to the speculation of quantum groups.These ten unique articles by way of widespread mathematicians, devoted to Drinfeld at the get together of his fiftieth birthday, extensively mirror the variety of Drinfeld's personal pursuits in algebra, algebraic geometry, and quantity conception.

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N , followed by defrosting of some of the frozen variables. It is presented in Section 2, and it is the definition which we use proving the main properties of our varieties in Appendix A. The second definition is given by defining directly all components of the seed; its most important part is an explicit formula for the function εij . The second definition is given in Section 3. 2 The seed J(D) Let us assume first that D = α is a simple positive root. Then we set J (α) = J0 (α) := ( − {α}) ∪ {α } ∪ {α }, where α and α are certain new elements.

We say that two seeds I = (I, I0 , ε, d) and I = (I , I0 , ε , d ) are isomorphic if there is a set isomorphism ϕ : I → I , preserving the frozen vertices and the ε- and d-functions. 1. A cluster X -variety is of ε-finite type if the set of isomorphism classes of its seeds is finite. Cluster X -varieties, amalgamation, and Poisson–Lie groups 33 Any cluster X -variety gives rise to an orbifold, called the modular orbifold ; see [FG2, Section 2]. We recall its definition in Section ??. Its dimension is the dimension of the cluster X -variety minus one.

Y1 y2 1 + y1 One can see that these maps enjoy the following properties: 1. 2. 3. 4. −1 −1 −1 −1 −1 evα,α ¯ (x0 , x1 , x2 ) = evα,α¯ (x0 (1 + x1 ) , x1 , x2 (1 + x1 ) ). −1 evα,α¯ (y0 , y1 , y2 ) = evα,α ¯ (y0 (1 + y1 ), y1 , y2 (1 + y1 )). Both maps are open embeddings. The standard Poisson–Lie bracket on the group PGL(2, C) reads as {x0 , x1 } = x0 x1 ; {y0 , y1 } = −y0 y1 ; {x2 , x1 } = x2 x1 ; {x0 , x2 } = 0; {y2 , y1 } = −y2 y1 ; {y0 , y1 } = 0. Therefore, evαα ¯ and evα α¯ provide the group variety PGL(2, C) with two rational coordinate systems.

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